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Learn How to Set Automatic Signature in Office 365


Nowadays, as the technology is updating, the need for the management of data is also increasing. To make data management easier and to allow the users to access data from anywhere, Microsoft has introduced its own cloud service by the name "Office 365" in the year 2011. It offers the traditional desktop-based applications such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and many others as hosted services. As we, all are well aware about this that emails play crucial role for the business continuity. Therefore, while using emailing service offered by O365, users face various issues. One of these issues is "how to set automatic signature in Office 365". In the following section, we will discuss the need and how to add auto signature in Office 365.

How to Set Up Automatic Signature in Office 365


Need to Setup/ Insert Office 365 Email Signature

Emails are the most common form of communication, which is used in businesses worldwide. It is very important that each mail of an organization conveys the professionalism of their brand and complies with email disclaimer regulations. Customers, vendors, and associates will judge your company by the looking at their email. Moreover, in the business field, thousands of mail are exchanged in a day. Therefore, no one can add the signature repeatedly. Therefore, it is important for users to add auto signature in Microsoft O365. The need to insert automatic signature in Office 365 will be easy to understand by the queries given below.

"I am working in an organization where my job is to revert the mails. I send about hundreds of mail daily. The problem that I have to add the same signature daily. Is there any way that the Office 365 email signature is added automatically in my mails? Please suggest some way."

"I am market manager in college and I need to share the updates and marketing strategies with students via a mail. Each time while sending an email, I need to add signature at the end of mail. Is there any way so that I can automatically setup signature in Office 365 so that my time will be saved and work will be done at more speed."

"Does Microsoft O365 provide any feature that would help me to insert a signature to all of my emails? I am doing research on this cloud service provided by Microsoft. So I want to know how to add auto signature in Office 365? "

How to Set Up Automatic Signature in Office 365?

There are two way to set automatic signature in Office 365 as mentioned below, which makes easy for users in creating and inserting signature in Office 365.

Let us now explore how to add auto signature in Office 365.

Manual Method to Add/ Insert Signature in Office 365 Email

If the users utilize both Outlook Web App (OWA) and Outlook then, they need to create a signature in each mail. Firstly, they need to create signature in O365.

Create Signature in Office 365

  • Firstly, sign in to OWA (Outlook Web App) then, on the nav bar select Mail or Outlook.
  • Select SettingsOptions.
  • Under Options, select Mail, click on Mail option.
  • Then, select Layout option and after that Email Signature.
  • Under the Email Signature, there is a text box, Add Signature in the given box.
  • Choose Automatically Include Signature option → Save.


Limitation of Manual Method

There are some limitations of using this manual way, it is a lengthy as well as time-consuming method to add signature. If one of the step is missed then, it becomes difficult to insert a signature in the mail.

Effortless Solution

To overcome from the limitation of manual way there is a software namely Office 365 Admin Manager. It makes easy for users to automatically add the signature in Office 365 mails. It takes only few moments to add the signature by simply entering the username and password of Office 365 on the application. The application is programmed in such a way that even non-technical user can easily utilize it without any technical expertise help. It provides all the inbuilt functionality, which are required by users to add signature. It is a standalone utility and supports all Windows OS.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% safe and error-free software
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with all Windows OS


Automatic Signature in Office 365 is used by users in order to add signatures in emails in an automated manner. Automatic Signature in Office 365 helps to reduce human efforts and saves time by adding signature in every new as well as mail for replying. In the above discussion, we have discussed the proper way and resolve users most asked query how to set Automatic Signature in Office 365.