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Office 365 Cloud Migration Guide – Tools & Services to Migrate to Office 365


Migrate to Office 365 cloud effortlessly & safely without interrupting your business via best Office 365 cloud migration tools & services.


Everybody is familiar with Office 365 application such as MS Outlook, Microsoft Office suits, Skype, etc. Office 365 isn’t new, its just a cloud-based version of all Microsoft applications. Microsoft provides a whole package its applications in Office 365 cloud, that will make your business more flexible and run smoother.

After understanding/ analysing all these business oriented functionality available in Office 365, many organization plan to make a switch. However, the biggest huddle comes in front of them, while practically implementing the migration process. As, no email client provide an easy way out of their service. Apparently, there are automated tool & services available is market to ease such migration scenarios. In this guide, we will be taking help of most renowned migration wizard for migration to Office 365 in seamless manner.

Steps to Perform Office 365 Cloud Migration Effortlessly

Following are the step-by-step solution with screenshots to safely migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and documents to Office 365 cloud from desired email-client:

  1. First task is to download the migration utility & launch it on your computer. The software are available for both Windows & Linux users.
  2. Next step is to Activate the product by providing activation key. Use click here button on Activation window to know more about it.
  3. Now, from the main window, select the Source platform & then choose destination as Office 365.
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  5. Go to workload section and choose the category of items that need to be migrated to Office 365 from source platform. After that, set the Date-Range filter enabled of each selected category.
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  7. Next, In source tab, enter the Source Admin id, and other details (if you don’t have other details such as Application id, then click on Project setting links to see how to create one). After providing all details, simply click on Validate button for the authentication of entered details.
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  9. Similarly, in destination tab, provide the details of Office 365 domain and validate it.
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  11. Next, for quick source & destination mapping select the option. The tool provides Fetch user & Import CSV option for mapping.
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  13. After fetching the ids of source & destination user account mapping, apply priority to users and click on Validate button to authenticate all accounts before migration.
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  15. Finally, click on Start Migration button to begin Office 365 cloud migration from source domain.
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  17. After finishing the migration, click on Download Report button to generate a summary & detailed migration reports.
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Note: To migrate newly received data during the migration attempt, use “Delta Migration” feature after completion of initial migration.

Why Choose SysTools Software?

The unique and business oriented features provided by software makes its more demanding than other available utilities. These features will help you in complete as well as secure Office 365 cloud migration. Following are the list of features provided by utility:

  • Complete Data Migration: This tool will not skip a single item during the migration to Office 365 cloud. Admin can migrate emails, documents, calendars and contacts information to Office user account all at once.
  • Category & Date Filters: To migrate only necessary data to destination account, the tool provides category & date-range filters. Admin can enable these filters for selective data migration to Office 365 user accounts.
  • Permission Migration: Apart from just source to destination data migration, the tool also offers permission migration option. This feature will migrate access rights along with data migrating into Office 365 account.
  • Multiple User Mapping Options: For effortless migration of data, the tool offers automated & manual user mapping options, such as:
    • Fetch User: This option will automatically fetch all the source user account ids into the tool window. Admin just need to provide destination user id for each source user id.
    • Import a CSV file: If you already have a CSV file containing the list of source & destination accounts, then you can import that CSV file using this option. To automatically check all the users, see Download Template and do modification in your existing CSV file.
  • Re-Run Migration: After completion of migration, if items some items got failed/skipped/arrived in previous attempt then feature will help you. It provides multiple solution of each scenario:
    • Retry Failed: This feature will migrate all those items which got failed to migrate in previous attempt.
    • Re-Run Full: This feature will run a counter for items of each category and migrate those which got skipped in last attempt.
  • Delta Migration: This is the most unique feature of the tool. After completion of migration once, in the next attempt the tool will migrate newly arrived data only.


This guide provides the detailed instructions for Microsoft Office 365 cloud migration in seamless manner. Using the above guide, Admin can securely migrate to Office 365 from desired source platform in few steps. The aforementioned tool is freely available for testing, and provide 2 complete licenses for satisfaction of user.