Import EDB to Office 365

Import EDB to Office 365 Tool

Microsoft Exchange Server is an email & calendaring server which exclusively runs on Windows Server OS. Exchange is a collaborative software that saves all it’s emails and other mailbox items like contacts, calendars, task, journals, etc. in EDB files (Exchange Database file). However, EDB files stored on-premise are prone to corruption due to Exchange Server failure, JET Error, virus attacks, power failure, etc.

In order to tackle such problems, user can migrate all Exchange EDB files in cloud, to do this one can import EDB to Office 365.

5 Simple Steps to Import EDB to Office 365 Quickly:

  • Step 1.Download & Launch Software on PC.
  • Step 2.Click on Add File & Apply Advanced Settings.
  • Step 3.CheckMail Preview & Click on Export Button.
  • Step 4.Select Office 365 & Feed Admin Credentials.
  • Step 5.Check Users, Validate & Hit Export Button.

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Problems in EDB to Office 365 Migration

It’s a bit difficult task to import Exchange offline database files, users may face many challenges when they initiate the migration process. Here is one query of the Exchange Server user who wants to transfer EDB file in Office 365:

Need to Import EDB to Office 365?

  • Office 365 service offers automatic real time backup and recovery options.
  • Once the on premises data is moved to online Exchange, the need for physical devices and software is eliminated or reduced.
  • Microsoft is itself responsible for full 24/7 support for Office 365 management and maintenance which will reduce the burden from organization administrator.
  • MS O365 has its built-in Anti Spam and Anti virus protection that saves data from any malicious activity.
  • With Microsoft E3 plan, Office 365 provides email encryption capability and also, offers unlimited online archiving.
  • Office 365 enhances availability and flexibility, user can easily access migrated & centralized data from any place with mere availability of network.

Solution to Perform this Conversion

There are multiple ways to transfer different version of Exchange database to Office 365. With these methods user can upload emails, contacts and mailbox items to Office 365. User can follow below given methods to import EDB to Office 365.

User can choose Exchange hybrid deployment for the migration that can move EDB files to Exchange Online. User can upload all mailboxes from On-Premise Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Hybrid move perform batch export of mailboxes to the cloud. To perform hybrid deployment, it must be configured between on premises and Exchange online organization.

Three Important Steps Of Hybrid Migration to Import EDB to Microsoft 365

These are the three steps that briefly describes the Hybrid migration process. However, it is very difficult and time-consuming task that also needs high technical knowledge about Exchange server. However, there is one automated way to migrate EDB files offered by SysTools.

This conversion tool enables users to migrate multiple EDB files into Office 365.

Step 1. Download this software on your system to migrate EDB to Office 365.

Main Screen

Step 2. Click on Add File button to add single or various EDB files into software.

Add File

Step 3. After selecting EDB file, you can apply other advanced settings in the tool if required.

Scan File

Step 4. The tool will then show you a preview of emails and other meta data.

Mail View

Step 5. Hit the Export button to proceed.

Export Button

Step 6. Now, you will get multiple export options from which you have to select Office 365 and click on Next button.

Select Office 365

Step 7. Enable User Impersonation checkbox and enter Admin credentials of your Office 365 account.

Admin Credentials

Step 8. The software will then display EDB file path along with their corresponding Office 365 mailboxes. Validate all the mailboxes and finally click on Export button to import EDB to Office 365.

Validate Office 365

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to export EDB files from Exchange 2010. Can I do this using the EDB to Office 365 Migration tool?

Yes, as you are using Exchange 2010; the software will allow you to import EDB to Office 365.

I want to export contacts stored in my EDB file into O365. Is there any solution to perform this task as soon as possible?

This utility allows the user to import Exchange contacts into Microsoft Office 365 in a quick & convenient manner.

Is it necessary to keep the Live Server active while we import EDB to Office 365 using this utilty?

Yes, it is mandatory to keep the Live Exchange Server and Active Directory working / active while you transfer EDB files.


Migrating data to Microsoft Office 365 platform sometimes becomes very important for organizations. Any firm can perform such migration as there are number of advantages they get after they import EDB to Office 365. Once the Exchange EDB mailboxes are converted in Office 365 there is no need for physical devices, software and maintenance. It also offers built in anti virus software and 24/7 support. However, the manual task of migration is quiet difficult therefore, user can go for the automated approach as mentioned above.