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Know the Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration Step-by-Step Guide

Summary: In this blog, We will share the simple solution to migrate mailbox from M365 to Google Workspace. Complete working steps and software prerequisites are given to perform Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration. Free download the trial version of the tool and perform the migration process.

Are you facing any problem to migrate from M365 to Google Suite? Most of the people are having queries these days about this. This article will guide you step by step process of migrating Office 365 mailbox to Google Workspace account.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and M365 are both a great platform to work. These platforms are used globally in organizations and businesses as well. Users can use these applications remotely with any device. Although, they have so many things in common but, when we compare them, we believe that Google Workspace is far better than Office 365 for small businesses.

When something new came into the market people start using it and after that, they will decide whether to keep working on it or not. This happens with Office 365 as well. M365 came after Google Suite and then you know the rest.

Note: One of the reasons is why people are switching from M365 to Google Workspace Migration is that Google Suite comes before M365. That’s why most people are using it for decades and now they are comfortable with its interface and applications. Also, in Office 365 if you switch plans then you have to migrate whole data also from one plan to another. But in Google Workspace users don’t need to move their data while changing their plans.

Why People are Migrating from M365 to Google Suite? Get Reasons

There are so many reasons due to which people are doing Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration. Some basic factors that make Google Workspace more superior Office 365 are given below like – Pricing and Plans, Cloud Storage.

1. Pricing and Plans

a. Google Suite offers three plans i.e. a Basic plan that costs $6/month per user, $12 per month per user for Business Plan and $25 per month per user for Enterprise plan.

b. M365 provides three different Business Plans such as $5/month per user for Business Essentials, $8.25 per month per user and $12.50/month per user.

Note: Google Workspace is cheaper than Office 365.

2. Cloud Storage

a. G Drive is used in the Google Suite for storing data on the cloud. G Drive's subscriptions are $1.99/month for 100GB, and unlimited storage is for the Business and Enterprise plan.

b. One Drive is for Office 365 to store files and folders. While entry-level OneDrive subscription is $1.99/month for 50GB and other plans for business essentials and business premium.

Note: Google Suite cloud storage is far better than M365 because at a less price you get a great storage facility.

Advantages of Google Workspace Over Microsoft 365 Platform

There are multiple advanced features provided by the M365 account over the G Suite account. These Advantages are:

1. Google Suite is much faster than Office 365.

2. Google Workspace provides better mobility than M365.

3. It gives better integrity where users can edit and open documents directly from the mailbox.

4. It provides a user-friendly interface.

5. Users can Configure and Manage Google Suite easily without any other help.

6. It offers high Compatibility and Scalability.

7. Google Workspace is mainly focused on easy sharing and communication.

8. The cost of Google Suite is less expensive than M365.

These are the important point that clear all your queries/doubts about why people are switching from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

Know the Comparison Between Office 365 and G Suite Applications.

Best Solution for Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

There are more than one approach that can perform this migration task. Users can try applications such as M365 to Google Workspace Migration Tool and Data Migration Service.

The software provided by SysTools Office 365 to G Suite Migrator is an automated solution that can easily do the data migration from Microsoft 365 to G Suite. This tool will help you to transfer your data within a fraction of seconds. This tool will help you to transfer your data within a fraction of seconds. This software provides so many features that help users to migrate from M365 to Google Suite effortlessly.

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Know the Best Features of the Automated Software

Apart from data migration, the suggested automated software provide additional features, these are:

1. The software performs Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration step by step within a short time.

2. The tool provides Date Filter option with that user can select the data items of specific date range.

3. The Concurrent Migration feature to set the maximum number of users migrating concurrent per project.

4. At a time it can move multiple Office 365 mailboxes to G Suite.

5. This software can transfer document-level permissions from source to destination.

6. It maintains the folder hierarchy of emails, contacts, calendar, and documents while migration.

7. The tool supports Windows 2012 / 2016 Server, Windows 10, 11 (64-bit).

8. Priority feature allows user to choose the users ID whose data is going to move first in Google Workspace.

9. The Delta Migration helps the user to transfer newly arrived data or modified data.

10. Shows on-going migration process of Office 365 mailboxes to Google Workspace to track the pending, processing and complete status.

11. Gives Retry Failed Items mode to migrate all those data which is failed to migrate in the initial run.

12. Generates detailed and summary report of the migration process.

Pre-Requisites of the Software

Make sure your system meets the following requirements before starting the migration process:

1. Installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.0 is required.

2. Destination User(s) should be already created at the Google Workspace destination admin account.

Pre-requisites for Office 365 as source

1. Create a Console project in M365.

2. You have to enter Application ID and admin email id.

Pre-requisites for Google Workspace as destination

1. Create a Google Console project.

2. Insert Service Account Client ID and P12 Keypath of Google Console Project.

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration Step by Step

Follow the step by step M365 to G Suite migration process:

Step 1: Run the tool and select the Office 365 & G Suite platform.

Download Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration Tool

Step 2: Choose workload as emails, contacts, calendars, or documents.

Choose Category

Step 3: Apply Date Filter, enable or disable the options i.e. Migrate Document Permissions and User Group Mapping.

Date Filter

Step 4: Enter the admin credentials of Office 365.

M365 Credentials

Step 5: Enter the admin credentials of Google Workspace.

Google Suite Credentials

Step 6: Either fetch users from M365 account or use CSV file to add Users accounts for migration.

Fetch Users for Migration

Step 7: To start the process click on the Start Migration button.

Start Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Migration

Note: Get the Complete M365 to Google Workspace Migration Guide.

Do We Have Any Manual Solution?

Yes, Data Migration Service is the manual method to carry out Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration. But it is a very tedious and time-consuming method. It has some other limitations also that are discussed below.

Limitations of Data Migration Service Method

Data Migration Service is the manual method to move Microsoft 365 mailbox items to G Suite. But it has some limitations:

1. At a time you can migrate only one thing either it is email, contacts, calendars but you can't migrate two things at the same time.

2. It cannot migrate files from one drive.

3. You have to be good in high-level IT or programming skills to use this approach.


This article tells you how to do Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration step by step. With the help of this write-up, users can easily understand the process of migration of Office mailboxes to Google Workspace. With the advanced features of the software, they can move emails, calendars, contacts, and documents to G Suite in most prominent ways.