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G Suite Vs Office 365: Go for the Best Cloud Suite

In technical world, both Microsoft & Google have given birth to a new era in terms of innovation. These are the industries that keep on incarnating solutions to make users’ life trouble free around the globe. Google has launched a collaboration suite namely G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps). In contrary to it, Microsoft has introduced Office 365 collaboration suite. Many users get into a state of procrastination while deciding who is winner in G Suite Vs Office 365. If you are a technically savvy person, then this is the right destination for you to decide which is the best among the two. The following differences will guide you why the users are migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 or vice versa.

G Suite vs Office 365

Office 365 and G Suite (Google Apps) are the two big and very popular business use application available in the market. The best part about the both is that they allow users to work in the cloud. As both offer almost same type of services to their users that is why always there in a high competition between the two. They also allow users to create a document, spreadsheet, provide cloud storage, video conferencing facility, and much more. The similarity in their features makes it difficult for a user to choose one of them. Therefore, the difference between Office 365 and Google Apps is discussed in this article to help you decide which one suits your requirements.

The winner of Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite will be judged on different parameters like price, size, and user interface.

G Suite vs Office 365: Comparison of Features

In this segment of the post, we will compare Office 365 and Google Apps based on different factors such as cost, email service, storage, etc.

Google Apps versus Office 365: Service Plans

G Suite/Google Apps provides two different plans that are $5 & $10 per user per month. The $5 plan provides company email ID, voice & video calls, allows to create project sites, integrated online calendars, and much more. On the other hand, the $10 plan includes all services of the $5 plan with unlimited storage and if users are less than 5, then 1TB per user, Google Drive advanced admin control panel, etc.

Microsoft Office 365 provides various different plans for user facility, but we will compare two plans of O365 that has the same price as G Suite. Office 365 Business Essential cost $5 per user per month if a user is having an annual subscription or if not, then it will cost $6 per user per month. Other is Office 365 Enterprise E1 that cost $8 means $2 less than G Suite's $10 plan with same services.

Comparison between Office 365 and Google Apps: Applications

G Suite is simply a cloud-based collaboration offer many services that all are web-based. Google Docs allow users to make permanent changes in the file and give feedback in suggestion mode. Apart from this, Google offers many other advanced features also such as Google Calendar that assists users in finding times when invitees are available, Google Slides with the Dynamic layout and better file management, etc.

On the other hand, MS Office 365 are mainly designed for desktop versions along with enhanced cloud-based capabilities. Moreover, one can easily use the cloud versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and more while working in offline mode. The other advanced applications incorporated in Microsoft’s cloud are: SharePoint Online, Dynamic CRM, and Azure are also really helpful.

G Suite vs Office 365: Security

For security reasons, Google Apps takes advantage of machine learning to identify the unsecured and unauthorized logins. It also blocks the spam of most advanced types. Moreover, it scans each email attachment automatically before one can download it in order to avoid spread of viruses

ATP or Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is used by MS Office 365 for security reasons. It is a new email filtering service whose main motive is to targets particularly advanced threats such as infected virus and unknown malware in real time.

Gmail vs Outlook 365

As both offer simple and easy user interface, so there is no comparison between Google Mail and Office 365 related to it. However, the main difference is in the way all emails are organized. Gmail of G Suite allows users to add multiple labels in an email that provides 30GB of storage limit in Gmail and Google Drive.

On the other hand, MS Office 365 (Outlook 365) uses classical folder hierarchy to classify emails. It provides total 1 TB of storage space plus the 50 GB for inbox. Moreover, in its Enterprise E3, $20 per user per month plan unlimited amount of storage is also available.

Office 365 vs Google Apps: Video Conferencing

Video call service is provided by both the G Suite & MS Office 365 i.e. Hangouts and Skype for business (Lync Online) respectively. So, in the following section, we will compare Hangouts and Skype for business:

  • Skype till now is not fully integrated with other apps offered by Office 365. On the other hand, Hangouts is completely integrated with other applications of Google such as Docs, Calendar, Maps, and social networks like YouTube.
  • If you are using Skype Translator, then you can communicate in 8 different languages for voice calls.
  • Skype allow over 250 participants and where Hangout allows only 50 participants during the video call.

Microsoft O365 vs G Suite: User Support

There is no comparison difference between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 support services. Both provide 24*7 phone and email support. In addition, G Suite also provides live chat support to its users.

The Observational Verdict

In order to make choice between the two, it totally depends on your requirement and what exactly you want? If a user wants to choose a better plan in good price than, Office 365 is the best choice. Moreover, if a user regularly works on all other apps of MS Office Suite and want to avail advanced services, then go for O365. Whereas, the beginner’s plans of Google Apps are more interesting than Office 365. Also, G Suite is having user friendly interface & provides better mobility. Thus, there is always a neck to neck competition which makes it difficult for us to select the best out of the two collaboration suites. In this post, a deep comparison is done in order to decide the winner of G Suite vs Office 365 so that one can choose the one which is best as per their requirements. Moreover, if anyone is using Office 365 and wants to switch to G Suite then, they can try the advanced utility i.e. Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool. It is a advanced program to migrate Office 365 mailbox to Google Apps.