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How to Migrate/ Import Google Calendar to Office 365 Account


Recently it has been found that many of the Gmail account users are switching to Outlook 365/ OWA (Office 365). As we know that, when a user migrates from one account to another, it is also required to move/ export all the data of the old account to the new account. Sometimes, users wish to specifically link/ connect Google Calendar to Outlook 365 mailbox. Hence, in this article, we will discuss about the ways to import Google calendar to Office 365 account.

Import Google Calendar to Office 365


Why to Export Google Calendar to Outlook 365

There are many cases where the users prefer to migrate Gmail Calendar to Office 365 along with emails & contacts. For example, a user is migrating to O365 from G Suite and he wants to move/ copy only calendars from Google to his new account without any hassles. How can he do that?

Similar queries user concerns related to importing Google Calendar into Office 365 is discussed in the following section.

User Queries on Sync/ Import Google Calendar to Office 365

We found some user queries regarding add/ sync Gmail calendar to Outlook 365. The queries are as follows:

"I have exported/ moved my G Suite mailbox to Office 365 account few days back. Can I also import Google Calendar to Microsoft Office 365?"

"Please suggest me how to sync Gmail calendar with Office 365?"

"Is it possible to migrate/ transfer all the data of my Google Apps/ G Suite mailbox to Outlook 365 account?"

"I have recently downloaded my Gmail calendars. The zip file contains 5-6 ics files. I want to transfer these .ics calendar files to my Office 365 account. How can this be done?"

"I am using Gmail as my personal email account & my official account is my Office 365 account. How can I move my personal calendar of free/ busy schedule to my official account?"

"I am a PhD student and my research topic is how to export google calendars to Office 365. Please guide me with my research topic."

How to Add/ Migrate Gmail Calendar to Office 365?

Follow the steps given below for importing Google calendar into Outlook 365 account:

Manual Method

  1. First open your Gmail account and click on the Apps Menu icon on the top left. It will give you an option to select different apps. Click on the Calendar option.

  2. You will get the calendars on the screen, add any even or meeting if you want. Now, click on My Calendars, on the left side, it will give a drop down list with two options i.e. Create new calendar and Settings. Click on the option of Settings.

  3. In the Calendar Settings, click on the option Export Calendars. It will start downloading the calendar in .ics format.

  4. Now, login in to an Office 365 account in which you want to transfer/ migrate Google calendars. Go to option Calendar, click on Add Calendar and the click on From file from the drop down list of add calendar.

  5. Browse an .ics file you have downloaded from the Gmail account and select a name to view it in Office 365 account. Now, save the selected file by clicking on the Save button.

  6. Now, view the Gmail calendars in Office 365 account from Your calendars in the left side of the account.

Limitations of the Manual Method

The above mentioned method is to export and import Gmail calendars only but there are some users who want to migrate all their data of Gmail account to Office 365. In that case, it is suggested to use a third-party software which can easily migrate all the data to Office account.

Third–Party Tool Approach

Follow the given steps to import/ migrate complete G Suite data to Office 365:

  • Run the tool & select Single User then enter Email Address and click on Register button.

  • You would be redirected to the browser to Sign-in the Gmail Account

  • Click on Allow to permit the tool to access your data

  • Use Impersonation option if you have admin office 365 account else select Without Impersonation.
    Now login your Office 365 account.

  • Select mails, calendars, contacts that you want to migrate.

  • Click on Apply Filters and Add Time Interval to retrieve G Suite data.

  • Then in Advance Settings Option select Folder Mapping or Include Folder List.

  • If you wish to export the data in existing folders select Append Data into Existing Profile option & in end click on Export to migrate the data.


The above gathered information can be concluded to a point that to move Gmail .ics file to Office 365 account is the need of almost every account user, who is migrating the Gmail account to a cloud account. Here, we have discussed the manual as well automated solutions from some of the user queries to import Google calendar to Office 365 account.