Upload OLM to Office 365

Learn How to Upload OLM to Office 365 – Import Mac Outlook Data Files

Outlook is a desktop-based email client and it is widely used for sending or receiving mail. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS. The only difference between both Windows and Mac-based Outlook is that it creates PST for Windows and OLM for Mac to store data. Nowadays, web-based application is in demand. Therefore, Microsoft developed Office 365, a cloud-based application for sending or receiving emails over the Internet. It includes various cloud-based software applications like Office Online, Outlook 365, Yammer, etc. Office 365 stores its data on the cloud and it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Therefore, Mac & Windows users are migrating to the cloud. In this article, we will discuss ways to upload OLM to Office 365 (Outlook 365).

User’s Queries To Import OLM File into Office 365

Why To Migrate/ Upload OLM to Office 365?

There are various reasons to save OLM files to O365. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Office 365 is an online application.
  2. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  3. It stores data on the cloud, so there is less possibility of data loss.
  4. Outlook 365 is more secure and safe than Mac Outlook.

Methods To Import OLM File To Office 365

There is no direct manual solution available to migrate OLM to Office 365. Therefore, to do so, follow the two below mentioned steps:

The above mention steps can be performed by using manual approach. While the automated approach directly uploads your OLM file into Microsoft 365 account. So, we recommend the automated solution. Here are the 5 steps to do the same.

5 Quick Steps to Upload OLM to Office 365

  • Step 1. Download, Launch Tool & Click on Add File.
  • Step 2. Browse & Preview the Data from OLM File.
  • Step 3. Click on Export & Choose Office 365.
  • Step 4. Apply Advanced Options & Click Next.
  • Step 5. After that, click on "Export" button.

Manual Method To Migrate Outlook for Mac File to Office 365

Convert OLM File Using Manual Method

To convert OLM to compatible format, firstly, you have to setup an IMAP email account. After that, you can use it to move Mac OLM file data to Windows. Follow the below-mentioned steps to move OLM file to compatible format:

  • Sign-in to your Gmail account to enable IMAP access.
  • Now, configure this Gmail account in Mac Outlook having the OLM file data.
  • Import OLM file to Outlook Mac, if it does not already have the OLM data.
  • Create a Gmail label, and then start copying all the data from the Mac OLM file to Gmail labels and let it synchronize.
  • Now, configure the same Gmail account in your Windows Outlook email client.
  • After that, you can export OLM emails from IMAP mailbox to PST file using the "Import/Export option".

Import file to Office 365 Using Manual Approach

There are two manual methods available to upload PST to Office 365 without Outlook i.e. Network upload and drive shipping.

free olm to office 365

Limitation of Manual Method

There are some limitations of the manual method. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A user can import only emails from OLM file to Outlook 365 (cloud-based) using manual method.
  • There is also a possibility of data loss during transfer process.
  • Manual approach to import OLM to Office 365 is lengthy and time-consuming.
  • This method does not maintain data integrity during transfer/ copying of OLM file to Office 365.

To overcome the limitation of manual approach the users can use the professional utility.

Automated Solution To Upload OLM To Office 365

There is a single tool available to migrate/ save Outlook for Mac file to Office 365. It can be done using the Software to Convert OLM to PST. Follow the below-mentioned steps to import OLM file to Office 365 by using these tools:

Download & Activate Software on Windows.

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  • Launch OLM exporter tool and then click on "Add File". After that, click on "Browse" to select the OLM file, which you want to import to Office 365 and then click on "Add File" button.

    run olm to o365 tool

  • Now, preview the data from OLM file which you want to export and then click on "Export"

    preview olm data

  • An Export Options window appears. Select "Office 365" from the list of export options.

    select office 365

  • Apply "Adv. Settings" such as user impersonation, date-range filters, and categories (like emails, contacts, calendar, etc.)

    apply advanced settings

  • Click on "Next" to select the destination Office 365 account, where you want to import your OLM data.

    set destination account

  • After that, click on "Export" button

    export to o365

  • After the completion of conversion process minimize the current or close the current window

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any file size limitation if I upload OLM to Office 365?

No, there is no file size limitation if you choose the above mentioned tool approach.

Can I move OLM contacts to Office 365 using automated approach?

Yes, you can migrate OLM contacts to Office 365 using automated method.


In this article, we have discussed manual method and automated approach to upload OLM to Office 365. After discussing both the solution, we conclude with the fact that automated approach is better than manual method because it is more secure and safe. It can be performed by using a tried and tested professional tool as recommended above.