Office 365 to PDF

Convert Office 365 to PDF – Save Emails as Adobe Portable Document Format

PDF (.pdf file extension) provides a trusted way to save any document, it is universally accepted form to save any document. One can add multiple documents in a single PDF file and can download them in a compressed and secure form. User can convert Office 365 to PDF to backup their mailbox data (preferably emails). There are various ways to export office 365 mailbox emails to Adobe PDF file format. Many times users needs to save office 365 emails as PDF file format, that will make the entire task of saving, sharing and accessing the O365 emails very easy.
Let us look for ways to save Office 365 Emails as PDF.

Print to PDF from Office 365 : The Issues Faced by Users

Need For Microsoft Office 365 to PDF Conversion

As .pdf is most popular file format that is used for legal documents, newsletters, resumes, professional printing, security, etc. It is accepted as a valid file type in many organizations and agencies. It’s compatibility with different platforms such as Window, MAC, Android, etc made PDF file format more usable & popular. Adobe Portable Document Format files maintains the formatting of data and enables users to take print out of document without compromising on the formatting or structure of the content.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF : The Benefits

By exporting Microsoft Office 365 in Adobe PDF file format, one can backup their mailbox data and can impose the security parameters. It will allow user to access MS O365 file data on different platform easily. Once the Office 365 mailbox data is transferred to PDF file, it will become very easy to share the same data. In addition, Office 365 to PDF conversion enables user to access the O365 emails on different platforms and even if there is no internet connection available as PDF files can be saved offline on your local drive or server.

Methods To Download Office 365 To PDF

There are several ways to export Microsoft Office 365 emails to PDF file format. In this article we will go through the different methods that can used to print to PDF from Office 365 emails. However, there are manual as well as automated way to perform this migration, user can take help of any of the below-mentioned methods to archive O365 mailbox emails as .pdf files.

Manual Procedures

Copy Office 365 Emails as PDF : Method 1

User can save / move office 365 emails as PDF to your hard drive by using Microsoft Print to PDF option that will results a PDF file. Once the MS is configured with Office 365 the users can easily save their Office 365 mailbox emails in Portable Document Format by using Microsoft Print to PDF option.

To archive O365 data in PDF, one can run following procedure to do this:

  • Open for Office 365
  • Double click on the email that user wants to convert into PDF file
  • Select the Menu and Click on Print
  • Now from drop down list select Microsoft Print to PDF

Print to PDF from Office 365 : Method 2

Now from drop down list select Microsoft Print to PDF By using PDF Print user can create a PDF file from Office 365, PDF Print is a virtual printer that creates a PDF file instead of printing that data.

Migrate Office 365 Email to PDF : Method 3

User can also use Adobe Acrobat add-in (in ) which allows the users to convert single message or number of messages to Portable Document Format file. It comes with functions like creating, editing and managing .pdf files.
It enables users to automatically convert all Office 365 email to PDF file for archiving purposes on a certain time duration. If user have installed Adobe Acrobat in the system, they get a quick access to Adobe Acrobat into .

Limitations Of Manual Method

  • The above described method can save single email in PDF file, One cannot perform bulk conversion
  • Data loss might be a negative factor while manually trying to convert Office 365 to PDF
  • It is a very time consuming method, if user wants to save number of office 365 data in PDF file format

Copy Office 365 to PDF : Alternative Third Party Solution

In order to perform this transfer in a very cost effective manner with accuracy and without any risk of data loss; one can go for commercial solution.
To migrate Office 365 emails in PDF format, one can convert Office 365 emails in format and then export all files in PDF files.

For this user needs to get Office 365 backup tool that will backup the entire data of Office 365 in files and then with the help of to PDF converter tool, user can perform the final conversion.


Office 365 to PDF conversion, makes the mailbox email accessible on many platforms and provides a better way for sharing. Once the user copy O365 email as PDF format, it will make the data more secure. As there is no direct option to perform this migration, therefore user can go for different manual or commercial methods.