Open .msg file in OWA/ Office 365

Efficiently Import MSG Files into Outlook 365

MS generally stores its email messages, contacts, appointments, and tasks in in file format. However, for saving single mailbox items such as email, as well as other email clients use MSG file format.

On the other hand, an MSG file includes all the meta properties such as date, sender, recipient, subject, message body, etc. One can easily create an MSG file by simply dragging and dropping any message/email in Windows Explorer.

There are many scenarios where the user wants to import MSG files into Outlook 365 entirely. However, our users encounter several issues like corruption, compliance, and other security-related problems while saving the data on-premise.

To overcome all the restrictions, a user can opt to import MSG data to Office 365. In the further sections of the blog, we will find the reasons behind the conversion. We will also know about the methods that would help users transfer MSG files into an Office 365 account.

Problems Faced By Users While Importing MSG to O365

Users encounter many issues while trying to import .msg files in OWA or convert MSG to Office 365. When the user opens any MSG file there is no direct option to access/save MSG files in Office 365. In addition, even O365 does not provide any way to import MSG files into Office 365. There are a lot of user queries, who want to import MSG files in the O365 account. Let's consider the following mentioned query:

"Lately our organization has been operating on MS . Because of this we are like having thousands of MSG files. Now, we are planning to switch to Office 365 platform. We are finding it immensely difficult and are facing a lot of issues. Each file is very important to us. Kindly suggest any method to import MSG to Office 365"

Need for MSG To Office 365 Conversion

  • By importing MSG files to an Office 365 account, the user can import entire on-premises emails to a cloud platform.
  • Saving on-premises data on the cloud will provide users with free on-premises storage space.
  • One can also apply retention policies and document deletion policies that will automatically delete the data after a specific period of time.
  • By keeping data in the cloud, it will surely enhance the availability of data. By keeping data in the cloud, users can easily access and search the desired data from anywhere with just the mere availability of the network.
  • Saving emails in O365 makes the Administrator task very simple, as they can check the Office 365 log to get all the information.
  • The message file conversion to Office 365 protects data from any type of data loss and damage.

Solution to Import MSG to Office 365

There are different methods to import multiple MSG files into O365. One is the manual method and another one is applied by using the automated tool. The manual method has some limitations that’s why users prefer automated tool. The automated tool is recommended by the experts. Let’s elaborate on the manual method first.

Import MSG Files into Outlook 365 Using Drag-and-Drop Manually

  1. Run the application.
  2. Configure 365 account with the desktop .
  3. Now, right-click on the account ID to create a New Folder.
  4. Find the MSG file on the system.
  5. Drag and Drop the MSG files to the newly created folder
  6. Now, the MSG files are visible to the 365 account.


Automated Tool to Import MSG Files into Outlook 365

Anyone can use this tool to import MSG files into Outlook 365 without hassle. This tool is able to import all the emails to O365. This is an error-free and easy solution to import bulk emails to O365. All the attachments are also included while importing the data. There is a Delta Import option for importing the newly arrived data. A detailed report is generated to track all the executed steps. Sometimes there is an issue of emails going to junk. You can stop Office 365 emails going to junk folder.

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space - Manage a minimum of 500 MB for installation
  • Support - Windows 11 & 10(64-bit).
  • RAM - 8 GB of RAM is recommended
  • Processor - 8 Core Processor

Step-By-Step Solution to Import MSG Files into Outlook 365

Step 1. Download and Select MSG as Source and Office 365 as the destination.

Source & Destination

Step 2. Enable the Email option under the workload.

Workload Selection

Step 3. Select the path of the MSG file, Validate, and hit Next.


Step 4. Complete the destination credentials validate them and Next.

Add Destination Credentials

Step 5. It’s time to load the users using the Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download template options.

users Tab

Step 6. Now add the destination user account using the User List Template and Import Users option and start Import.

Start Import

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having my .msg files that I want to import to Office 365. Could anyone please guide me on how can I open .msg file in OWA?

Users can simply utilise this tool to import MSG files to Office 365 account in a hassle-free manner.

I have bulk message files. Can I save / copy multiple MSG data to Office 365 using this approach?

Yes, you can easily import bulk MSG files to Office 365 account using the above mentioned method.

I am not good at technicalities. Can anyone suggest an automated tool?

You do not need to be good at technicalities while using this tool.

After the process of Importing MSG to 365. Can I get a full report?

Yes, after completing the process of importing with this tool, you will get a complete report..


Cloud service provides a better way to store the data on-premise. By saving data in cloud service like Office 365, user can get many advantages like enhanced security and availability. In the same way user can also save and import MSG files into Outlook 365 to get the all advantages offered by the cloud services.