Switch Google Apps to Office 365 – Transfer G Suite to Office 365

Time and again users come across few productivity application among which two are Google Apps (G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365. Both the suites work for the betterment of people across the globe. In addition to it, G Suite and MS Office 365 can be used in online, offline and mobile application platforms. In contrary to it, O365 suite has few features that are more effective in comparison to GApps.
Jotted below is the section in which we will discuss regarding the ways of migration from G Suite to Office 365 using two approaches i.e., manual or automated solution.

User Issues on G Suite to Office 365 Migration

"I have tried all possible approaches to migrate Google Apps for Business to Office 365 but nothing seems to work for me. Please suggest best tool to perform this transfer."

"Our organization is have planned to switch from Google Apps to Office 365. Please tell me the best possible method to do so. We need hazzle-free and quick solution."

"Hello guys, I urgently need an assistance on the how can I import G Suite items to Office 365. Any assistance on the steps to migrate mailbox from Google Apps to O365?"

Reasons to transfer G Suite/ Google Apps to Office 365

There is no major disadvantage of GApps but some users still prefer O365 over it. Some reasons why the users are moving Google Apps mailboxes to Office 365 as follows:

  • G Suite (earlier known as Google Apps) data cannot be accessed once the internet connection is gone as it doesn't provide an option to save backup of data.
  • No desktop based application made for accessing the Google Apps in offline mode.

Who Should Import G Suite Data to Office 365

  • The business users who wants to switch from one productivity application to another.
  • The person who wants to access the data from the local system as well as using the cloud platform.
  • Users who wants to buy the plans based on their needs and requirements.

Different Ways to Perform Switch from Google Apps to Office 365

There are different ways available to import GApps to O365. We will be discussing those methods in the following sections.

Manual Procedure to Transfer G Suite to Office 365

i) Pre-Requisites for this migration:

  • First, check whether the IMAP configuration is enabled in Gmail. Check this by logging into the Gmail account then go to the Settings and then by forwarding option and finally IMAP/POP tab. Now users will IMAP Access section in that enable IMAP radio button and click on save changes.
  • Second, user should create Google App password because it is an important step for establishing the connection between Google Apps and Office 365. It is because the Gmail conisder the Outlook app as less secure.
  • User should make sure that Google Apps user account should have enabled on 2-step verification process.

ii) Connecting G Suite/ Google Apps to Office 365 and Starting the Transfer Process

1. Create a 2-step password in the Google Apps account.

2. Copy/move the data and perform the following steps:

  • Users must verify both the Office 365 and Google Apps domain.
  • The users can be added using the license either users can add one or more than one at a time.
  • Now users have create the list of the mailboxes and data (like contacts, emails, calendars & documents) that is needed to be moved. The list of mailboxes is created using the CSV file.
  • Now connect the Google Apps to Office 365.
  • To connect it go to Exchange Admin Center and then go to the Recipients and then select migration and then click on the symbol ... and select the Migration Endpoint option.
  • After that click on + to create the new Migration Endpoint.
  • Now select the IMAP option in Migration Endpoint type.
  • Then, set the IMAP server to imap.gmail.com and then leave all the settings as default in the configuration page and click on Next button to carry on.
  • Then, a General Information page will appear now enter the Migration Endpoint name and click on the New button to create the Migration Endpoint.
  • To move the contacts, emails, calendars or documents, select the Admin Centers and then click on Exchange.
  • Now select the recipients and the migration and finally click on + symbol and select migrate to Exchange Online.
  • Then select the IMAP migration and click on the Next button to proceed further.
  • Now locate and browse the CSV file.
  • Now select the Migration Endpoint created and click on Next to proceed further.
  • A configuration page will pop-up and leave everything as default and click on Next.
  • In move Migration Page type the new Migration Batch name and click on Next to proceed further.
  • Now the actual transfer process comes to the batch page. The upload/export process report will be generated. To do this, click on Browse and enter the Email id to get the report.
  • Stop the synchronization between Google Apps and Office 365.
    Note: Internet Connection is a compulsory to switch from G Suite to Office 365.

Limitations Of Manual Method

The Limitations of the Manual Methods are:

  • Lengthy process between two productivity applications.
  • Data can be lost at the time of migration process.
  • Allowing permissions for G Suite using the admin domain.
  • These steps to migrate from Google Apps mailboxes to Office 365 are time-consuming.
  • Only applicable for migration of emails.


Third Party Solution: Transfer Google Apps to Office 365 With Tool

Steps to Move G Suite to Office 365 (Exchange Online) using Third-Party tool

The G Suite to Office 365 migration tool helps to switch from Google Apps to O365 efficiently. The utility helps to transfer/move GApps data (emails, contacts & calendars) to O365 in just few clicks. This application allows the user to migrate multiple Google mailboxes of a single domain to an Office 365 domain. There is no data size limitation to transfer the data. Also, the licenses can be purchased based on the number of accounts which you want to transfer. The following is the download button of the product, click on it to download the software.

Pro Tip: The software consists of a Help section that can be used to view all the different parts of the software along with instructions to use them. It helps a user to get familiar with the tool and perform migration at a brisk pace.

The following are the steps to transfer G Suite data to Microsoft cloud collaboration suite.

  • Start the migration tool on the Windows machine.
  • Select the source as G Suite and destination as Office 365.
    source and destination
  • Select the category of items to migrate and apply the preferred date-range filters.
    items category
  • Go to Source window. Enter and validate G Suite admin id, service account and certificate file path.
    source authentication
  • Go to Destination window. Enter and validate Office 365 admin id, application id.
    destination authentication
  • Import user list from the source account that needs to be processed for migration.
    import users
  • Now, perform user validation and then, click on Start Migration to start G Suite to Office 365 migration.
    start g suite to office 365 migration
  • Once done, click on Download Report and save the report regarding the complete migration.
    download report

For complete steps in detail, refer to: Migration Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What this application does?

The Google Apps mailboxes to Office 365 application uploads/ saves all your Google Apps Data to Office 365 format. Plus, It converts all the files contained in the Google Apps into the file format which works with the Office 365.

Is there any size limitation to transfer G Suite to Office 365 using this utility?

No, there is no such limitation on how much size of data you are planning to upload from Google Apps to Office 365. The software is also capable of handling the bulk data with ease.

Is the software free to use?

No, the G Suite to O365 migration tool is not free to use but you can only export mailbox items from two accounts only. For migrating unlimited data use the licensed version.


In the above section we have discussed the user issues, need & the steps/ tools to transfer Google Apps to Office 365 (Exchange Online). For preventing data loss & quick copy/ conversion it is preferrable to used a trusted third-party tool. Users can use any of the mentioned methods to switch from G Suite to Office 365 as per their convenience.