Import EML to Office 365

EML to Office 365 – Import / Migrate Email Message Files on Cloud

There are many desktop Email clients available. But there are some users who wants to make a switch from desktop based Email clients to web based Email clients. As the EML file format works with various Email clients like Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Hence, in this informative page we will discuss the methods to upload EML files to the cloud I.e, import EML to Office 365.

How to Upload EML files to Office 365?

In the following section we will discuss about the EML files to Office 365 migration. We will discuss two ways to import email message files to O365, which is using manual as well third-party tool method.

Manual Method

There is no direct method to save the EML files to Office 365. Therefore, there are two methods to be followed to import EML to Office 365. First, is to convert/ copy EML to and second, is to move to O365.
Here, are the methods to transfer email message files to Office 365:

Convert EML to
  1. Launch Windows Live Mail and Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the EML file folder in Windows Explorer.
  3. To make both of them . Keep both the Windows open.
  4. Now, drag all the EML files from the Windows Explorer and drop those files in the messages folder in Windows Live Mail.
  5. Now, in Windows Live Mail go to File tab then select Export and finally click on Email Messages.
  6. Now, choose the option Microsoft or Exchange and finally click on OK button.
  7. Then, the Microsoft will start in the background.
  8. Now, click on the “Selected Folders” button to select the files folder which contains the EML files.
  9. Finally, click on OK and Finish button to complete the migration process.
  10. After that the user can see all the migrated messages in Microsoft .
Upload PST to Office 365
  1. Perform Network Upload
  2. Drive Shipping

Limitations of Manual Method to Save EML to Cloud (Office 365)

  • Lengthy and Time Consuming.
  • Loss of data while performing this migration process.

Third-Party Solution to Import EML to Office 365

This approach is a quick two step approach. the following section shares complete information about this method.

Convert EML to
  1. Open the application and selected the EML files to be imported.
  2. Using the Windows Explorer select the destination where all the EML files are saved.
  3. Once the folder is selected all the Emails corresponding to the folder can be previewed
  4. View all the attachments of the selected Emails
  5. Select the Emails and import the EML files
  6. After the import process has been completed the software a message will be shown
to Office 365

After importing the EML files to . Users can further proceed to move the files to Office 365. It is done using the Office 365 Restore application.
Here are the steps to restore to Office 365 using a third-party application.
After converting/ copying the EML files to . Here, are the steps to import file to Office 365 using Office 365 Restore software:

  1. Download and run the software. Then, enter the login credentials for the Office 365 account.
  2. Select the Office 365 Restore option so that user can import data from to Office 365 and finally click on the Next button/li>
  3. Select the data filter, folders and category. They are three different options
  4. After export of to Office 365 has been completed. The user receives a message in which it shows that the restoration process has been completed.
  5. After that the user can login to the Office 365 account and check whether all file is successfully imported or not

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I directly migrate my EML file to Office 365?

No, there is no direct way to import EML files to Office 365. For this you need to first migrate the EML files to . Then, after that you can migrate the files to Office 365.

Do I need to Install the Microsoft to view the migrated EML files?

Yes, it is necessary to install Microsoft in order to view the imported email message files.

Can both software convert multiple EML files to and Multiple to Office 365?

Yes, both the software are capable of converting multiple files like multiple EML files to and then other software is also capable of converting multiple files to Office 365.

I am having an Office 365 licensed version and I want to import my Windows Live Mail EML files to Office 365. I just wanted to know whether there are any manual methods to copy/ move the EML files to Office 365?

No, there is no direct manual method to import the EML files to Office 365. It can be done step by step. First, convert the EML files to . Second, import the imported files to Office 365.


In conclusion to this blog, we can say that there is no such direct method which can import EML to Office 365. In addition, we also discussed frequently asked questions and both manual as well as automated process to migrate the EML files to Office 365.