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Export Zoho Contacts to Outlook – Unite Zoho Mail Outlook 365


Zoho Email Client is the most advance and high end email client that provides a lot of services which includes mailing and managing contacts, setting up business applications with emails etc. Zoho Mail is considered to be the best option if it come to manage business emailing with syncronisation with business application. Zoho CRM and the other related services link multiple platform at a single place. The only drawback of using Zoho is that it does not provide any Desktop edition and Outlook does which evolves the need to export Zoho contacts to Outlook.

How to Set Up O365


Why User Need to Sync Zoho Mail to Office 365

Emails are the most common and prominent process to communication with in the business world. Zoho Mail provides a large number of business connection within the account but in case of Outlook user get a more reliable ways to communicate. It is very important that each mail of an organization conveys the professionalism of their brand and complies with email disclaimer regulations. Customers, vendors, and associates will judge your company by the looking at their email. Moreover, in the business field, thousands of mail are exchanged in a day. Therefore, no one can add the signature repeatedly. Therefore, it is important for users to get a trusted email client like Microsoft Outlook 365. We have various user queries that will make you understand better.

"I am a regualar user of MS Outlook, but these days I have to use Zoho Mail to integrate my business client. Changing and linking contacts between both platform would make it easiler for me get contacts. Is there some Zoho Mail Outlook plugin that can help me to get Zoho contacts in Outlook 365"

"Does Zoho recruit integrate with Outlook account so that the dataitems of Zoho Mail can be obtained in MS Outlook. I am familier with MS Outlook and changing th eplatform just for sync contacts is not a good option for me. "

Manually Get Zoho Contacts Sync with Outlook

The procedure to migrate Zoho contacts to Outlook is a simple and smooth task. User just need to follow these simple steps that will lead them to transfer Zoho contacts to Outlook.

Let’s Start

  1. First of all, click on to the Left Most Corner on Contacts Symbol in Bottom of the Zoho mails
  2. Then, select All Contacts or the entire category of address books you need to import
  3. After that, click on 3 stacked dots and then opt to select export option
  4. From the export contacts, select VCF files
  5. Finally click on the Export Contacts alternative to transfer Zoho contacts to Outlook
  6. It will give you three options i.e., Personal, All Contacts and CSV. You can employ any of the option to perform the task magnificently without wasting a single second.

The file imported would will be in a format that is supportable to Outlook application, User in the end needs to use import/ export option in Outlook to retrieve all contacts from Zoho to Outlook. After Zoho contacts sync with Outlook will be be sorted in the proper order in Outlook which can easily be accessed by Outlook clients.

Effortless Solution

Although we have covered the manual method that will migrate Zoho Mail Contacts to Office 365 and this method is slow and not easy to get all the data. The process of moving Zoho Contacts to Outlook manually will not transfer all the meta information to Outlook. Complication may occurs if the contacts are large, containing multiple addition information like image, DOB, email address, etc. So a rapid solution like SysTools Zoho Backup will link Zoho to Outlook PST.

Steps To Transfer Zoho Contacts to Outlook
  1. Download & Run Zoho backup Software. Enter the Credentials for Zoho Mail Account. Zoho Backup Interface

  2. Choose the Export Option to backup Zoho Mail contacts in Outlook PST. Zoho Backup Interface

  3. Browse the destination path and apply the filters Zoho Backup Interface

  4. Select contact in the filter option and press start button Zoho Backup Interface

  5. Wait till the process complete to transfer Zoho contact to Outlook. Zoho Backup Interface


The above article provides the procedure that help to. We have covered both the manual as well as the automated procedure that will make the whole process easy and safe to link Zoho to Outlook. In this particular blog we have covered the different user concerns, need & methods to migrate Zoho contacts to Outlook 365. We have seen multiple users that wish to move and backup Zoho Mail contacts, documents, mails but fails to get them. In this section the manual as well as automated method will help the user to sync Zoho contacts with Outlook. If you have large number of contact files associated with Zoho Mail that contains multiple data then you must go for an automated solution because the manual process requires a lot of time.

Who should go for automated solution to export Zoho contacts to Outlook 365

  1. The business users whose system is always prone to the virus.
  2. The person who wants to access Office 365 files offline to avoid circumstances like loss of internet connection and Office 365 servers not working.