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Office 365 Now Supports Large Mail Messages - Up To 150 MB


Do you still face problem in email attachment size limitation? Or send you files in instalments via email. Not any more. Microsoft Office 365 now supports large mail messages by up to 150 MB.
Earlier, in Microsoft Office 365 the largest email message that the user could send/ receive was 25 MB. And 25 MB was more than needed for the majority of email user. There are large number of clients and organisation that bumped up against this limitation because when trying to send larger slide decks, videos, spreadsheets or images never help them through Outlook. Then, Outlook Web App (OWA) in Office 365 offered an easy way to attach a document as a link to where it is saved on OneDrive for Business, this was the great option for sharing any of the large sized files with any of the user or colleagues.

Office 365 with 150 MB Mails Transmission


Is This Issue Resolved!

But the problem still didn’t resolved as there are times when the user prefer to send an actual attachment rather than a link for official or personal use. So, for those difficult cases Outlook 365 now supports large email messages up to 150 mb size.

Now the Office 365 administrators has got the power to set the maximum email message size ranging from 1 MB to 150 MB. By default the maximum size of the Office 365 mailboxes is still 25 MB, and we upgrading all the Outlook geeks by telling them how to send large size email attachments in Outlook after changing the settings. Office 365 customers have all type of freedom to choose the maximum sized setting so that email attachment size limit doesn’t remains the problem any more.

Why Customise Maximum Message Size is Important

The user can customize the maximum allowed message size for any and all your mailboxes in Outlook account. There are many case that helps this features to be very helpful.

Case 1. If the user want to go completely mailbox dependent and allow everyone to send and receive 100 MB size messages. Go for this feature to send email attachment of any size limit.
Case 2. If you want to restrict students, in the school from sending messages which are larger than 5 MB. No problem you can customise the settings now
Case 3. Having the hybrid email configuration in Outlook which means that some of the mailboxes data items is on-premises and other on some cloud storage, and you want a consistent 10 MB restriction regardless where the mailbox is hosted. So, you can cover this problem as well.

How to Customise this Email Attachment Size Limitation in Outlook 365

For changing the default settings for the organization to adjust the message size restriction in Outlook 365 is done as follow. The customisation of email message size can be done by the help of Exchange Admin Center, which requires global administrator role privilege.

  • Select the recipients → mailboxes then click “...” and select Set default message size restrictions.
  • A dialog box will pop up and user can change the Maximum size of the email send or receive.

To edit Bulk Recipients settings user can go to

  • Edit multiple mailboxes select > mailboxes and select multiple mailboxes.
  • Then from the Bulk Edit pane under Message Size Restrictions select Update.

Finally, the user can customize a single mailbox and multiple user can be done that will help the user to transfer emails in Outlook of larger size. The support of Office 365 for larger email messages could help many of the user who are willing to send the message or larger size but can’t send them because of these particular errors.

Note: Internet connection is required to perform the above mentioned steps.

Use Remote Poweshell to Tackle this Problem

If you are working for an organization which comprised of less than 1,000 mailboxes, you’ll likely use the method above - using the Exchange Admin Center user interface to changes the Mailbox file size settings. But if there are more than 1,000 users, you may want to make these changes via Remote PowerShell. The Powershell command updates across the service would typically takes an additional 15 minutes to change the entire settings of all the members.
Get Powershell Command Here

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In this blog we have discussed user concerns, of multiple number of user faces with Outlook account. Its very good that Office 365 now supports large email messages up to 150 mb that can now help the Outlook clients to mail large number with no attachments limitations. Even they can control the size of the mails for different kinds of user needs. We have covered the method that will help the user to choose a best approach to outcast the problem.