Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 / Microsoft 365

Yahoo mail is one of the popular web based email service for data management. As everyone knows that Yahoo mail is owned by Verizon communication in July, 2016 due to the decline of its business. Now, Yahoo users are concerned about their privacy and security; as Verizon is going to provide similar privacy policies or not. All these questions force the users to migrate from Yahoo to some other web based service like Microsoft Office 365. Importing all emails into an O365 account would be great for users who are managing business accounts. Since managing data on Microsoft 365 cloud is very easy because of its easy to use GUI and its various features. So, here we will discuss how to migrate Yahoo Business email to Office 365 with complete data security.

User Concerns that Supports Yahoo Mail Migration to Office 365

Why to Import Yahoo Mail to Office 365?

As Yahoo mail users are facing various challenges these days so users want to switch from Yahoo to some other web services like Microsoft Office 365. There are many reasons why users migrate Yahoo email to Office 365, they are as follows:

  1. The most common reason to migrate from Yahoo to another email service is Yahoo Mail which has now been acquired by Verizon Communication causing security concerns among Yahoo Mail users.
  2. Furthermore, Yahoo Mail does not allow its users to schedule online meetings as provided by Microsoft 365.
  3. Yahoo Mail offers only two categories which include email client and email management, but Office 365 includes collaboration, spreadsheets, email hosting, email management and many more functions in its suite.

Quick Way to Migrate Yahoo Business Email to Office 365

All those users who are looking for a solution to import Yahoo mail to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account securely, we suggest to choose professionally tested SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool. As this software is the best way to transfer multiple emails from Yahoo mailbox to Microsoft 365. This tool is best to choose because of its many in-built features which make this tool outstanding from other tools available in the market. Let us have a look at some of the features that this tool provides to its users for migration-

  1. Date Filter: Using the Date Filter option whenever a user doesn't want to migrate all emails from the mailbox can set a date range to migrate Yahoo to Office 365 only as needed. Then, the tool will skip all emails that do not fall in that date range.
  2. Batch Migration: If there is a need to import emails from multiple Yahoo accounts into different Office 365 accounts, one can easily perform the migration using this tool. In short, this tool lets users do concurrent migration, accounts can be manually mapped to decide which accounts should be migrated first.
  3. Generate Report of Migration: After the migration is completed, this tool generates a report in the form of summary report or detailed report if you want to check the complete migration details in summary. So, it can be saved on the desktop for future reference.
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Working Steps of the Standalone Utility

1. Initially, download this Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Migration tool on Windows Operating system of supported version. Then, select IMAP as the source platform and Office 365 as destination platform in the Setup section.

Yahoo to Office 365 Migration Tool

2. Mark the Email category and apply the Date-Filter for selective Yahoo mail migration to Office 365.


3. Then, choose Yahoo and enter user details in the required fields and validate all the permissions.

Yahoo Mail user details

4. For the destination account, enter Microsoft 365 user details and validate the permissions for the same.

Office 365 details

5. At last, hit the Start Migration button to begin the Yahoo to Microsoft 365 migration successfully.

Start Migration on Windows OS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I have 9GB data in my Yahoo account mailbox. Can I efficiently migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 using this software?

Answer- Yes, you can easily add your Yahoo mailbox emails to Office 365 using this approach as this method doesn't has any mailbox size limitation.

Q- Will the data be safe and remain as it is?

Answer- Yes, this third-party tool approach to migrate Yahoo to Office 365 ensures data security. This automated solution also maintains the folder hierarchy and keeps the meta formatting intact.

Q- Can I migrate Yahoo email data to Microsoft 365 on my iPhone or iPad?

Answer- Yes, you can migrate all Yahoo email to O365 on Mac operating system, or iPhone/iPad by using IMAP to IMAP migration tool.

Q- What happens to my Yahoo Mail account after I migrate to Office 365?

Answer- After migration, you can either delete your mailbox emails which you have migrated successfully, this will help you to free up storage space. Or delete the Yahoo account if it is no longer important.

Q- Is it possible to transfer only 2 years of Yahoo email data with attachments to Office 365?

Answer- Yes, this software lets you do a complete migration or just migrate specific emails. You can easily migrate the required emails from Yahoo mailbox using the date filter option.


Yahoo Mail has now been acquired by Verizon, due to which users prefer to migrate to another email service for higher productivity. After understanding the issue users face while using Yahoo mail, their problems related to security and safety of data, we have suggested a solution i.e. Yahoo to Office 365 migration tool. In conclusion to the blog, we can say that a user should use a reliable third-party approach to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account.