Import WAB to Office 365

Import WAB to Office 365 – Transfer/ Move Contacts on Cloud

In the following section, we will discuss the reason and way to import WAB to Office 365

Nowadays all the users prefer to utilize all the cloud-based applications for their data storage and management. As these applications are easy to manage, utilize as well as update, etc. Even MS Office suite of enterprise-grade production application has a web-based edition, i.e. MS Office 365. It contains SharePoint Online for collaboration, Exchange Online, Lync online for unified communication, Mails, etc. It allows users to access their data anywhere, anytime via a proper internet connectivity on any device. Read More

was a quiet popular email client that used to store its data in a proprietary file format. However, DBX file was the default file that was created to store the emails. On the other hand, the contacts of were stored in a WAB file. .wab is a component of MS Windows and stands for Windows Address Book. It enables the users to store a single list of all the contacts, which can be shared by multiple programs. It is an application possessing a local database and user interface used for editing and searching information about contacts. It performs the query on network directory by using LDAP. However, as the is no more available in market so, users need to import their .wab data to cloud-based application to manage their contacts.

Now let us discuss the reasons to import WAB to Office 365 in the following section.

Reason Behind Windows Address Book Export

is an email application, which is no more available in the online market as Microsoft has stopped its production and support. Therefore, this is one of the major reason for the need to import WAB contacts to Office 365. As contacts plays a major role in maintaining the work continuity and stores all its address book data in WAB file.

Other reason is that Office 365 is platform independent application suite that can be easily accessed from anywhere with just proper internet connection. Moreover, it provides more security as compared to . As supports HTML scripts and emails, the data are usually infected with a large number of viruses. Therefore, users need to export contacts from WAB to Office 365. It will be clear with the few user queries mentioned below that are taken from the forum sites.

Procedure to Import WAB to Office 365

There is no direct method available to migrate address book to O365 cloud. Therefore, to transfer WAB file to Office 365, users first need to convert their data to file format. Then, it can be further moved to Office 365.

Convert WAB to File Format

There is a software WAB (Windows Address Book) Converter that converts the .wab file to file format instantaneously. The application does not require the installation to perform the conversion. Moreover, it saves time by converting the multiple contacts in batch. It is quick and easy to utilize by following the steps below:

  1. Download and launch the software on your system to import WAB to Office 365.

  2. Now browse the contacts from the stored location to move them to Microsoft Office 365.

  3. After browsing the file, scan all the contacts and choose the save contacts option to store the contacts in file format.

  4. Then select the file format to store the data and choose the desired location to store the uploaded contacts.

  5. Once the process is completed, the application will give the completion message.

Upload File to Office 365

Once the WAB file is transferred to file format then, follow the mentioned steps to migrate contacts file to Office 365.

  1. Login to Office 365 account on your system and after login; go to OWA Mail option.
  2. Click on settings option from the OWA.

  3. Go to “Your App Settings” options → click on “People” option.

  4. Now click on Import option → select “ 2010, 2013 and 2016” option as shown in image below.

  5. A Window will appear, click on browse option to move / transfer the file from the stored location.

  6. After selecting the file, click on Upload option to start to import Windows Address Book contacts to Office 365.

Now, you can easily access your .wab file in Office 365. Henceforth, we can import WAB to Office 365 using the above method.


Contacts play a crucial role in an organization for sharing data and stay connected. As today, we all totally depend upon the cloud-based application to access our data anytime and store it in a secure and safe form. Therefore, to migrate contacts to O365 (import WAB to Office 365) is also important for business purpose as discussed in the above sections.