OST to Office 365

Introduction to Upload OST to Office 365

Most of the users are using Outlook due to its multiple features. However, nowadays multiple users want to migrate from Outlook to Microsoft Office 365 due to the presence of its advanced features. There are millions of users who are using Microsoft Outlook for their commercial purpose. However, users are unable to open or move items from an OST files. In this article, we will discuss about different scenarios where users face problem with Offline OST data files, what are the needs to import OST to Office 365 and the method to move OST file to Office 365 using an automated approach.

Issues Faced While Using Offline OST file Outlook

While using Outlook data items many users have reported certain problems, hence they users prefer migrating OST file to Office 365 application so that they can easily view the files accurately and independently. A number of queries have been reported over time, which indicates major issues while using offline Outlook files. Some of the major and repeated user’s queries are:

How To Export Offline Outlook Data Files To Office 365?

After noticing various shortcomings of Outlook, many users search for a reliable solution i.e., migration from Outlook files to Microsoft Office 365. There is no any direct method for migrating so we need a converter i.e. OST to Office 365 Converter. By using the third party tool, users will be able to import OST file to Office 365.

OST Recovery - A Tool to Convert OST to Office 365

The OST recovery software recovers corrupt OST files as well as helps to upload OST files to Office 365 with ease.

  • Install & Run OST Recovery Software & press Add File button to select the OST file to be imported to Office 365

  • Click on Office 365 radio button to import OST file to Office 365 mailbox and enter Destination for migrating the OST file and click on Next button.

  • Then dialog box appears, Enter the login details - Office365 name and Password to validate your Office365 account and click on Export button.

  • Wait for the process to complete and open OST to Office 365 account.

If you need to migrate OST to Office 365 via PST. then you can refer convert OST to PST first and then import data from .pst to Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my corrupt Offline Storage Table file to Office 365?

Yes, using this approach you can save/ transfer corrupt OST to Office 365. The tool used to convert OST to PST has a feature that repairs corrupt OST.

Can I transfer multiple OST files to MS Office 365 using this technique?

Yes, you can move/ save multiple Offline Storage Table files into Office 365.


In this blog, we have covered the issues associated with viewing of a file on Outlook data items/ import OST to Office 365. Various users queries have been discussed and in order to resolve those queries, an efficient approach has been suggested to migrate Outlook data items to Microsoft Office 365. Users are advised to import OST file to Office 365 to access the multiple files from anywhere.