NSF to Office 365

Import NSF to Office 365 – Complete Guide with Most Efficient Way

Back in the day, there were a few companies who started using emailing platforms before they became popular. That time, there were hardly any options, so most of the organizations were using HCL Notes. It had all those features that one couldn’t have imagined, and it was secure as well. However, the time has changed now, and everyone is moving to Microsoft 365. If you are also the one who is looking to migrate NSF to Office 365, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

The cloud-based suites like Microsoft 365 offers amazing set of features that results in increasing employee’s productivity. Thus, it becomes important for businesses to upgrade them with latest technology available in the market. However, moving from Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 is not a simple task. It requires proper planning, technical expertise and right tool to perform the task for error-free process.

But before directly jumping to the solution, it is important for us to understand the challenges and why users are switching the platform.

Challenges Faced While Using Lotus Notes

Why Users Want to Import NSF to Office 365

IBM Notes has a difficult user interface and is hard to manage by administrators. Additionally, Microsoft 365 offers numerous advanced features that gives organizations a good reason to perform migration. Some of the reasons why businesses are moving to O365 are mentioned below:

  1. O365 provides better collaboration tools & services as compared to Notes.
  2. Optimized features of Office 365 as compared to IBM Notes.
  3. An Office 365 user can access data from anywhere as all the data is stored in cloud.
  4. Technical Expertise is required for operating Lotus Notes.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons as well that compels an organization to switch their emailing platform.

How to Migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365? Quick and Automated Way?

Moving your data without proper tools is a risky job and is not recommended by tech experts. Thus, it is essential to use a trusted and reliable automated tool to perform migration process. One such software that is SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator. It is one of the most advanced tools and is recommended by many experts and Lotus Notes Administrators.

The software offers various advanced features that makes the migration process quick and efficient. Additionally, the simple user interface enables users to execute migration even with nominal technical expertise. The software is free to download and permits users to transfer 2 user accounts for free.

1. First, download the tool from below link and launch the tool on your machine.

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2. Go to Setup tab to select the Workload items to export from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

3. In the Source tab, Admin Email, Lotus Notes Client Password and Path of the NSF files. And, then click on Validate button.

4. In the Destination tab, provide Office 365 Admin Id and Application Id (application id need to be created in Admin Center – Use Project Creation Steps to see the details).

5. Go to User tab to select the option for mapping NSF and Office 365 user IDs.

6. Once the mapping is complete, Validate the user accounts and hit Start Migration button.

7. During the migration process, you can preview the live status and once the process is complete, download report and exit the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool help to migrate data into multiple Accounts of Office 365?

Yes, this software permits a user to migrate data files into multiple MS Office 365 profile without any restriction.

Can I transfer one or more NSF files at a time?

Yes, a user allows exporting multiple .nsf files. Also, able to add a folder which contains multiple NSF files once.

Is server installation required?

No, Live Server Environment is not required while migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365.


In this blog, we have tried to cover the issues associated with viewing a file on Lotus Notes. Various users’ queries have been arises and in order to resolve the queries, an efficient approach has been suggested to import NSF to Office 365. It is suggested that users have to use automated solution to overcome the shortcomings of the manual approach to switch from Lotus Notes to Office 365.