NSF to Office 365

Migrate NSF to Office 365 – Export from Lotus Notes to O365

As we know, IBM Lotus Notes is a most popular email client including components as e-mailing, scheduling, calendaring, and address book etc. Nowadays, users might face various issues while using lotus Notes emails to overcome this situation user need to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. In the following section, we will discuss various issues, why the users should transfer from Lotus Notes mail to Office 365 and the methods by using manual & automated approach. Further, we will discuss how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. Read More

When users are working with IBM Notes that contains all the mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendar entries, Notes, journals, etc. However, there are some users who want to move/ switch from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365 for various purposes. Most of users are getting attracted to numerous attractive & unique features in MS Office 365.

In Office 365, users can easily transfer their files to the cloud, but in case of NSF file, it is not possible. In this article, we suggest to explore the solution of the problems in an efficient manner. In the following section, we will discuss more about the automated method and give the solution for "How to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365". Let us discuss in detail about the problems faced by the IBM Notes users.


Challenges Faced While Using Lotus Notes

Need to Import NSF to Office 365

Most of users are facing multiple issues which have forced the users to switch from Lotus Notes to Office 365. In this section we will discuss how to export data from Lotus Notes to O365.

  1. Technical Expertise is required for operating Lotus Notes
  2. Optimized features of Office 365 as compared to IBM Notes
  3. An Office 365 user can data from anywhere as all the data is stored in cloud
  4. O365 provides better collaboration tools & services as compared to Notes

Apart from this, there are other reasons as well that compels an Organization to switch from Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365.

How to migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365?

In the below section we will discuss that this migration can be performed with manual as well Automatic method.

Manual Method

After noticing various shortcomings of IBM Notes, many users search for a reliable solution i.e. Office 365 that can be used to upload/ save NSF to Office 365. The need of IMAP connector in IBM Notes is to export IBM Notes to O365. There is one manual approach for this transfer which is, using IMAP. The following steps are mentioned below:

  1. Maintain a backup of Lotus Notes .nsf files
    To create a backup of all existing users mailbox saved as NSF files. This process successfully takes place before migration process while transferring users can avoid data loss in case of inconsistency. This is possible due to secure and accurate manual method.

  2. Create new outbox
    Once users have to generate a backup copy, next essential phase is to create new mailbox for each users those having an existing profile in IBM lotus Notes email client.

  3. Allow IMAP TCP/ IP Port for every user
    The following steps are mentioned below:
    i. View Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes
    ii. The, click on the Tab of Configuration
    iii. Open Server document and after this run IMAP service.
    iv. click Ports → Internet Ports → Mail tab
    v. Enable the IMAP TCP/IP Port
    vi. Now, click on ‘save’ option and then, exit

  4. Associate with IMAP connector
    Using IMAP, connector to synchronize email messages in Office 365 from Lotus Notes desktop email clients

Limitation of Manual Method

The NSF to Office 365 migration with the help of IMAP connector that bears the following limitation as:

  • If the Notes email client is behind proxy and firewall, it will not directly connect to the internet.
  • If the Lotus Notes email is in disabled state, it does not allow IMAP connection.
  • The IMAP connector can switch email messages of maximum 1GB size.
  • Apply multiple filters that are bit complex.

Therefore, it is better to find out any other error-free and easy method to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Office 365. However, to avoid these above-mentioned restrictions, when users are switching to MS Office 365 from Lotus Notes email, it is suggested that users make use of any other method or specialized tool.

Automated Approach to migrate from NSF to Office 365

Now let us see how we can upload Lotus Notes to MS office 365 using a trusted third-party tool named "Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator":
This Process is really helps to move from IBM Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365. Following steps are:

Step 1: Launch the Software

Launch Migration Office 365 software. Select Export option to begin the Migration

Step 2: Select Export Option as "Office 365"

Now select option to export Lotus Notes NSF File into MS Office 365. Press on Next option.

Step 3: Enter the Credentials

Go to Add File or Add Folder, to add multiple NSF files and then Enter the log in ID and password in Office 365 account. Click Next button.

Step 4: Click "Export" button

After Applying desired set of filters, click Export button

Step 5: Progress Report Generation

Tool will generate the progress report through which user have to evaluate the conversion process

Step 6: Successful Migration

After migration complete successfully, notification will pop up on the screen. Click on Ok option

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool help to migrate data into multiple Accounts of Office 365?

Yes, this software permits a user to migrate data files into multiple MS Office 365 profile without any restriction.

Can I transfer one or more NSF files at a time?

Yes, a user allows exporting multiple .nsf files. Also, able to add a folder which contains multiple NSF files once.

Is server installation required?

Yes, Live Server Environment is required while migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365.


In this blog, we have tried to cover the issues associated with viewing a file on Lotus Notes. Various users’ queries have been arises and in order to resolve the queries, an efficient approach has been suggested to import NSF to Office 365. It is suggested that users have to use automated solution to overcome the shortcomings of the manual approach to switch from Lotus Notes to Office 365.