Import MBOX to Office 365

Import MBOX to Office 365 – Upload Multiple Mailbox Files on Cloud

A number of email clients are being used by the users, which store their mail items in the MBOX format. Some of the email applications that use .mbox files include etc. However, with the latest release of Microsoft Office 365, users wish to import MBOX to Office 365. The users are quite curious to experience its unique features. At the same time, users do not wish to lose their existing mailbox files. So, there arises a need of solution that can help them to migrate MBOX files directly into O365. In this article, we will discuss about various issues where users might face problems with MBOX files and the methods to upload MBOX to Office 365.

User’s Query while using MBOX format

Every day .mbox file users face certain issues while accessing these files. Some of the frequently discussed issues or queries of users include:

Need to Import MBOX to Office 365

Due to the limited features in .mbox file format applications, most of the users copy MBOX files to Office 365. MS O365 can access email messages, calendar, tasks and other items from anywhere. Moreover, the cloud access makes it more wider to use this application. It successfully overcomes all the major issues faced while accessing the MBOX supported email clients. In short, some of the major reasons, which necessitates to upload MBOX to Office 365 are:

  • Unable to load emails: MBOX files being the desktop client supported files are sometimes difficult to work with. It has been reported that these applications create much trouble in opening MBOX files and hampers its use.
  • Platform Dependency: All the applications that support .mbox file format are desktop-based email client applications. They store complete database at local storage. It restricts the accessibility of mailbox to the desktop only. Thus, users find it difficult to access mails anywhere and anytime.
  • Difficulty in handling large MBOX: With the increasing emails and other data items, the MBOX file gets oversized. The internal structure of .mbox file format is such that it becomes difficult to work with such large sized MBOX file.

After observing various shortcomings of .mbox / mailbox files, many users search for a reliable and efficient solution like Office 365. The best approach is to use third party tools that guarantee to copy/ move data without any loss.

Solution 1: The Direct Solution

You can migrate .mbox to Office 365 directly using MBOX to Office 365 migration tool.

Solution 2: Upload MBOX File to Office 365 via Outlook

The data of .mbox file can be converted to file using the tool named, MBOX to Converter. It is an email conversion software, which helps users to convert all .mbox data to without any kind of data lose. It performs the transfer in following steps:

  1. Select the MBOX file from email application and then, click Next option.
  2. Browse the destination path for saving output file.
  3. Click on export button.
  4. It generates a confirmation once the export is completed.

This output file cannot be directly transferred to Office 365. Thus, users need a third party tool to migrate the generated file to O365. One such reliable tool is Office 365 Restore. It saves the PST file into Office 365 account supported format in the following steps:

  1. View the Login Window and enter the valid ID and password.
  2. Export the selected mailbox items
  3. Browse the location for saving the emails into hard drive.
  4. Select the required folder to export mailbox of O365.
  5. Then, you will get a message once transfer is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the above discussed software provide conversion solution for specific application MBOX files?

This transfer method allows the users to import all types of MBOX files; irrespective of their associated email clients.

How can I import MBOX to Office 365 without losing data integrity?

This solution to move MBOX file to Office 365 guarantees to upload data with complete data integrity.

Is there any risk of .mbox file getting corrupted during conversion?

No, there is no chance of mailbox file getting corrupt as the approach is quite efficient to use.


In this article, we have tried to discuss the issues faced by the users while they work with MBOX files. In order to resolve the queries, an efficient approach has been suggested to import MBOX to Office 365. Using this procedure, the users can easily move MBOX file to Office 365 using the tool.