Migrate/ Import ICS to Office 365

How to Migrate/ Import ICS to Office 365 – Add Calendar Files to OWA

An .ics file is the most commonly used file format to store all the calendar data files. It is utilized by various email clients like MS , , etc. However, as the cloud-technology is in demand; many people are migrating to the cloud. Hence, the users keep looking to solutions to effectively import ICS to Office 365. In the following discussion, we will discuss how to import an .ics file into OWA (Office 365).

Need to Add/ Import ICS File into OWA

When we keep our eyes on Office 365 then, it is the most used platform in organizations whether it is big or small. Therefore, the reasons which support to import ICS file to Office 365 are as follows:

  • Office 365 has simple as well as user-friendly interface, the most important thing is that it has the whole MS Office suite within it, which makes easy for the usage.
  • It can be used anywhere as well as anytime without having any dependency on the platform.
  • Since ICS is supported on various platforms, it inclines to be the most appropriate way to add/ migrate calendar to Office 365.

Users Queries to Migrate/ Import ICS Calendar to Office 365

Depending upon the sum of .ics files the process to move/ import ICS file into OWA varies. Therefore, in such segment of the article, various solution to migrate/ upload single as well as multiple .ics calendar files are discussed.

Manual to Import ICS to Office 365

  1. Firstly, Login to on the web account by entering the credentials.
  2. Now, click on the navigation bar → choose App Launcher → choose calendar option.
  3. In Calendar choose New down arrow → choose option of Add calendar.

    Add calendar

  4. Select an option the From file → Browse an ICS file.

    Select the .ics file which you want to import

  5. Click on Open → choose down arrow.
  6. Select calendar type → Save button

Manual to Migrate/ Transfer Multiple .ics files into OWA

To import ICS files to OWA account, there is no direct method available. First, a user needs to convert ICS to file format and then store/ save to OWA. Now, to convert ICS to file format, follow the three simple steps given below:

Step 1: Move/ Save ICS file into MS

  1. Firstly go to the stored location of .ics files on your machine.
    The default location of ICS file is:

    Select the path where .ics file is present

  2. Now, select an option of Import iCalendar or vCalendar → click Next to continue.

    Select Import iCalendar option

  3. Browse the file from the stored location.

    Select file

  4. Click on option of Import from the pop-up window to start the procedure.

    Select import option

Step 2: Store/ Copy ICS file in file format

  1. Select file type to save .ics file.

  2. Browse the data from stored location → click finish.

  3. Choose the desired files from default location.

  4. Now transfer/ save the PST data file to Office 365.

Limitation of Manual Procedure to Import ICS to Office 365

Manual solution to migrate/ import ICS calendar to Office 365 calendar is free of cost but it sometimes fails because of some limitations. This procedure is very lengthy as well as complex to perform. There are more chances of data loss by using this process. It requires proper technical knowledge to perform this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload/ import ICS to Office 365 in batch/ bulk by using manual way?

Yes, you can perform by firstly converting the bulk iCalendar files into and then, you can migrate/ upload data files into Office 365.

How much time does the manual way take to perform to move/ import ICS file into OWA?

The manual process consumes some time as it depends on the number of .ics files you want to transfer/ move.


Many times various needs arises in front of users because of which they need to import ICS to Office 365 to be able to schedule/ access their meeting details saved in a calendar. We have discussed how to import an .ics file into OWA (Outlook 365) in an efficient manner.