Migrate Hotmail Account to Office 365

How to Migrate Hotmail to Office 365 Safely?

Over the past few years, moving email accounts to the cloud has become a major buzzword in the tech world. People find it useful to switch to Office 365 because apart from mailing services, it provides many other applications which ease collaboration as well as data management. Unlike Outlook.com, Microsoft 365 offers data retention policies and more. Therefore, Hotmail users prefer to migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 platform to get the many benefits of this Microsoft SaaS provider. The purpose of this article is to help users perform this migration with ease.

Migrate Hotmail to Office 365 : User Queries

Why do Users Prefer to Migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365?

However, many users are having queries related to Hotmail account and its migration to O365. There are different reasons due to which most users prefer to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365, such as:

  • The primary reason for migrating is out of reach of Hotmail. Most of the users face frequent issues while accessing their account.
  • Microsoft 365 is better than other platforms in the business world because it offers professional features that help in higher productivity.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is an even more secure and safe platform to manage data across an organization.
  • Also, Office 365 becomes the first choice for users who want to upgrade from a Hotmail account.

How to Migrate Hotmail to Office 365 Step by Step?

There is a manual way which can help all AOL Mail users to transfer their email files with attachments from their mailbox to Microsoft 365 account. Users can select the method and execute the migration process by following the manual guidelines.

Manually Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365

First take the backup of Outlook.com account into a migrate outlook.com to office 365 file and then move the resultant file to Microsoft 365 account. To get the exort file file you need to configure your Hotmail account in migration on your local system.

How to configure Hotmail account in Outlook?

Follow the steps given below to setup/ synchronize the account manually-

  1. Launch and click on New option on the Choose Profile window.
    Create new profile
  2. Now, click File, select the Add Account and enter the credentials to proceed further by clicking Connectbutton.

    Add Outlook.com account
  3. It will start synchronizing the account in migrate hotmail to Office 365 and again ask for the credentials.

    Configure Hotmail account
    Enter Outlook.com Credentials
  4. Your hotmail to Office 365 migration account is done with all the synchronization process with the mails and all the other information.
    Hotmail account synced
  5. Now, follow the path to get the follow path file:

    Hotmail account synced
  6. Once you get the migration, make a copy of it and save to the desired place.

Now, you have to Import PST file into Office 365 Account.


Manual procedures have some disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • The uploading will consume a lot of time and effort while import large-sized files into Office 365.
  • Complete technical knowledge is required to manually save / migrate Personal Storage Table files.
  • Any missed step can lead to data deletion/corruption.

Reliable & Instant Solution for Hotmail to Office 365 Migration

For a smooth migration, it is always best to consider an expert suggested solution to prevent any data loss or for a quick migration. Though there are many tools in the market but SysTools Hotmail email to Office 365 migration software is the best in terms of many factors. Most importantly, this software performs migration in a quick manner without any data modification. For better usage, it also provides various features which also helps in customized migration. Let us look at the functions of the tool which makes it number one among all tech professionals.

  1. Concurrent Migration: Most of the users always have multiple accounts to migrate, hence, this tool provides concurrent migration feature. Using this feature of this tool, users can simply add different Hotmail accounts to migrate to different O365 accounts. It helps in saving extra time and effort of the user which always results in higher productivity.
  2. Migrate Specific Emails: Sometimes, the urge to migrate only a few specific emails from a mail account is what users want. Therefore, this software only provides date filter function to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 from specific period.
  3. Delta Migration Function: Migration from one platform to another would be so confusing if emails would be migrated twice. Hence, to prevent any duplicate of emails, this software has a delta migration feature which is applied after the first migration. In short, this software always makes sure that only new Hotmail email will be transferred to a Microsoft 365 account that has not been previously migrated.
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Workarounds of the Software on Windows OS

1. Firstly, free download this Hotmail to Office 365 Migration tool on Windows OS. Then, select IMAP as your source platform and Office 365 as destination platform from the interface.

hotmail  to Office 365 Migration Tool

2. Choose the "Email" categories for transferring emails with attachments and use Date-Filter to filter out selective Hotmail emails as needed.


3. Select "Other" and enter Outlook.com Server details along with user credentials in the fields and validate all the account permissions.

hotmail user details

4. For the destination account, enter Microsoft Office 365 user credentials and validate all the permissions.

Office 365 user details

5. At last, press the Start Migration button to complete the process to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 account.

Start Migration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I have 10 GB data in my Outlook.com account mailbox. Can I use this tool to migrate Outlook.com to Office 365?

Answer- Yes, this professional software lets you add your source and target acocunt to migrate even large size of mailbox as this automated method doesn't have any mailbox size limitation.

Q- Will my entire data be safe and remain as it is post migration?

Answer- Yes, this Hotmail to Office 365 migration tool ensures data security. This solution even maintains the folder hierarchy and keeps the meta formatting intact.

Q- Can I migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 on my iPhone or Macbook?

Answer- Yes, you are allowed to migrate all Hotmail account emails to O365 on Mac operating system, or iPhone/iPad by using IMAP to IMAP migration tool.

Q- Is it possible to migrae only 2 years of Hotmail emails with attachments to Microsoft 365?

Answer- Yes, this advanced software allows you to migrate specific emails. For this, you set the date range to migrate the required emails from Hotmail mailbox using the date filter option.


After knowing how to migrate Hotmail to Office 365, it can be concluded that the manual method is free to use but it is not easy to use as it is necessary to have proper technical knowledge during the migration process. Because performing the steps to import hotmail to office 365 migration to destination Microsoft 365 manually is a hectic process. Also, another drawback of manual solution is that it is time consuming and cannot be done in a quick way. Therefore, to prevent such loopholes, we have also suggested a third-party solution for migration of Outlook.com to Office 365. Download the free version of the tool to use it and securely migrate all email for a limited number of users.