Migrate Hotmail Account to Office 365

How to Migrate from Hotmail to Office 365

Transferring an email account to cloud has become a prime buzzword in the technical world these last few years. People find it useful to switch to Office 365 because apart from mailing services, it provides various other applications which make the collaboration as well as data management easier. Unlike Outlook.com, Office 365 provides data retention policies and much more. Hence, to get multiple benefits of this Microsoft SaaS provider, Hotmail users are moving to O365 from Hotmail. This article is aimed to help users to migrate from Hotmail to Office 365.

User Queries on Migrate Hotmail to Office 365

We gathered queries of some users from various forum sites. The below-mentioned are the user concerns related to Outlook.com migration to Office 365.

How to Migrate Hotmail to Office 365?

Manual Method to Move Hotmail Account to Office 365

We have got some solutions, based on the above-asked queries to save/ copy to Office 365 account. There are some manual methods for this migration and there is an automated way also.

Method #1: Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365

First take the backup of Outlook.com account into a file and then move the resultant file to O365 account. To get the file you need to configure the Outlook.com account in on your local system. The following are the steps to configure Hotmail account to desktop based client and get data downloaded to a file & then how to import the resultant file into Office 365.

How to configure Hotmail account in Outlook

Follow the steps given below to setup/ synchronize the Outlook.com email address into Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Launch and click on New option on the Choose Profile window.
    Create new profile
  2. Now, click on Add Account and enter the credentials to proceed further.

    Add Outlook.com account
  3. It will start synchronizing the account in and again ask for the credentials.

    Configure Hotmail account
    Enter Outlook.com Credentials
  4. Your account is done with all the synchronization process with the mails and all the other information.

    Hotmail account synced
  5. Now, follow the path to get the file:

    Hotmail account synced
  6. Once you get the , make a copy of it and save to the desired place.

Now, you have to Import PST file into Office 365 Account.

Limitation of Manual Method

Manual procedures have some disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • The uploading will consume a lot of time and labor while import large-sized bulk files.
  • The manual methods are less cost effective.
  • Complete technical knowledge is required in order to save/ upload Personal Storage Table files manually.
  • Any missed step might lead to data deletion/ corruption.

Automated Approach

In order to save time and to migrate from Hotmail to Office 365 in an easy way, you can also use a third-party software. First, you will have to use Hotmail Backup to take the backup of the outlook.com account and then Office 365 Restore software to import the backup data of Hotmail account to Office 365 mailbox.

For Hotmail Backup

You can follow these steps to take the backup of Outlook.com account:

  1. First, install the Hotmail Backup application on your system and fill the details of your account to login.
  2. Select the file format from Select Email format option.
  3. To save the file you can also select the desired destination.
  4. You can delete the file after downloading it from Delete After Download option.
  5. Finally, click on Start button to begin conversion. A successful completion message is displayed on your screen after completion

To import file in Office 365

After getting the backup of Hotmail account, it is required to import that into Office 365 account. For this, we can use Office 365 Restore software which moves all available data items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. It also retains all the formatting of emails attachments and the meta properties. Having a user-friendly interface, a naive user can also use this tool perfectly.

You can follow these steps to transfer email from Hotmail to Office 365:

  1. Install the Office 365 Restore on your system and click on Login button.
  2. Enter the details of your Office 365 account to login.
  3. Now, select the Office 365 Restore option and click the Next button.
  4. Browse the file, click on Open button and then click on Restore option.
  5. Now, click on Start button to export file to Office 365. A successful completion message is displayed when all files are transferred successfully.
  6. You can view the exported files in your Office 365 account.


After knowing how to migrate Hotmail to Office 365, it can be concluded that the manual methods are free to use but, they are not easy to use as proper technical knowledge should be there while going through the steps to import manually. There is one drawback of manual solutions is that they are they are very time-consuming and can't be done in a faster way. So we have also suggested a third-party solution for Outlook.com migration to Office 365.