Migrate AOL to Office 365 – Forward Emails to O365

America Online is generally known as AOL is an international mass media business firm. AOL Mail is a free web based (webmail) service provided by it. In July 2015, it was acquired by Verizon Communication. AOL Mail is a popular application in American user, but now users are facing some problems in accessing their email accounts. Most of business organizations also want to switch to some other email application (like, Office 365). In the following section, issues related to AOL and reasons of migrate AOL to Office 365 are discussed.

Migrate AOL to Office 365 : The User Queries

Why to Forward AOL Email to Office 365?

As discussed above, users are having many queries related to AOL Mail and its migration to O365. There are various reasons which make the users to migrate AOL to Office 365, which are mentioned below:

  • The primary reason of switching is inaccessible AOL mail account. Users are constantly facing problem in accessing their account because the AOL server goes down frequently.
  • In business environment Microsoft Office 365 is more preferable as compared to AOL, because it provides professional features than AOL.
  • O365 is more secure and safe.
  • Configuration of manual procedure is not easy while trying to connect AOL to Office 365. It becomes very time-consuming while performing manual procedure.

Methods to Migrate AOL to Office 365

There are manual and automated methods to forward AOL email to Office 365. Let us explore about them in the sections below.

Manual Procedures

As AOL Mail is web based application, then in order to forward AOL mail to Office 365 a user need to choose OWA. It is also a web based email application provided by MS Office 365. Now, to transfer emails, a user need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First you need to login to OWA of Office 365
  • Now, click the gear next to your name from the top left corner of screen then click Options button.
  • After that from Options Window, click on Accounts option, then to connect to an external account, click on Connected Accounts.
  • Now, enter your email address and password in the provided field and click on Next button.
  • OWA automatically try to determine the POP3 or IMAP server. If server is not detected then it will display message as shown below:

  • Then click on OK button and click the link to manually setup IMAP or POP3 connection to your account by providing your credentials as shown below:

  • After that click on Server option and enter all the required field, click on Save option.

After that OWA will automatically download the whole content of your IMAP mailbox in background. To check the status of your connected account go back to AccountsConnected Accounts. Now all your new message will start coming in Office 365 inbox. Therefore, the AOL to Office 365 migration process will be complete.


The major limitation of this manual procedure to migrate AOL to Office 365 is that users with limited knowledge of the computer can not perform this procedure as this requires IMAP/ POP3 to be configured. To overcome these limitations, a user can go for any trusted third party tool. As there is no direct conversion tool available therefore, a user can first save AOL mails to file then upload the resultant file to Office 365, using any of the available tools.

Automated Solution

This tool allows users to take backup of their AOL account in multiple file format such as / EML/ MBOX & Office 365 format. A user can take backup of one account at once to migrate AOL to Office 365. It also provides an option to delete files after taking backup.

Steps for AOL Backup

User need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Run AOL PFC Converter & then Add the PFC file in the tool.

  • The File structure of the added file will be shown on the left hand side section along with the preview of the emails.

  • Select Office 365 Radio Button and then click on the Advanced Settings button.

  • In User Account Impersonation option give the Office 365 admin account details.

  • Successful message will displayed on screen after completion of process.

  • Now in General Settings option give the Date Filter options

  • Once the settings are saved click on the Enter destination Mailbox button on the previous menu.

  • Click on Export button in the end.

  • You can view the migrated data in account of Office 365.


AOL users are facing issues related server down and want to migrate AOL to Office 365. The manual procedure of this migration is not user friendly. Therefore, we have discussed about automated solution to forward AOL email to Office 365. Both of these tools move the data in perfect and convenient manner. These tools also allow users to filter files before migration. If a user wants internet bandwidth and other preferences can also be adjusted.