Migrate AOL to Office 365 Step by Step

America Online commonly known as AOL, is an international mass media business firm. AOL Mail is a free web based (webmail) service provided by it. In July 2015, it was acquired by Verizon Communications. AOL mail is a popular application in American user but now users are facing some problems in accessing their email accounts. Most business organizations also want to migrate to another email application (eg, Office 365). In the following sections, issues related to AOL and reasons to migrate AOL to Office 365 are discussed.

Migrate AOL to Office 365 : The User Queries

Why do Users Prefer to Transfer AOL Email to Microsoft 365?

As discussed above, users are having many queries related to AOL Mail and its migration to O365. There are various reasons which make the users to migrate AOL to Office 365, which are mentioned below:

  • The primary reason for migrating is inaccessible AOL mail. Users are constantly facing problem in accessing their account as AOL server goes down frequently.
  • In business environment Microsoft Office 365 is more preferable as compared to AOL, because it provides professional features than AOL.
  • Microsoft 365 is more secure and safe platform to manage data.
  • The manual process for this migration isn't easy to configure for most users, therefore, it becomes very time consuming.

There is a manual way which can help all AOL Mail users to transfer their email files with attachments from their mailbox to Microsoft 365 account. Users can select the method and execute the migration process by following the manual guidelines.

Manually Migrate AOL to Office 365 Step by Step

As AOL Mail is web based application, then in order to migrate emails to Microsoft 365 a user need to choose OWA. It is also a web based email application provided by MS Office 365. Now, a user need to follow the steps mentioned below to use the manual method:

  • First you need to login to OWA of Office 365
  • Now, click the gear next to your name from the top left corner of screen then click Options button.
  • After that from Options Window, click on Accounts option, then to connect to an external account, click on Connected Accounts.
  • Now, enter your email address and password in the provided field and click on Next button.
  • OWA automatically try to determine the POP3 or IMAP server. If server is not detected then it will display message as shown below:

select server

  • Then click on OK button and click the link to manually setup IMAP or POP3 connection to your account by providing your credentials as shown below:

aol to office 365 migration

  • After that click on Server option and enter all the required field, click on Save option.
  • save

After that OWA will automatically download the whole content of your IMAP mailbox in background. To check the status of your connected account go back to AccountsConnected Accounts. Now all your new message will start coming in Office 365 inbox. Therefore, the migration process will be complete.


The major limitation of this manual process to migrate AOL to Office 365 is that users with limited computer knowledge cannot perform this process as it requires configuring IMAP/POP3. To overcome these limitations, a user can go for any trusted third party tool. Since no direct conversion tools are available, the user can first save AOL Mail to a file, then upload the resulting file to Office 365 using any of the available tools.

Instant Solution to Migrate AOL to Office 365 (Expert Recommended)

For a smooth and accurate data migration, it is better to use the expert's tried and tested solution to migrate all emails from AOL account to Office 365. Though there are many tools available in the market for the same, but SysTools AOL to Microsoft 365 migration tool is the one which provides quick results without data modification. For the users, it also provides a number of features which also helps in customized migration. Let us look at the features that this tool offers which makes it number one among all tech professionals.

  1. Batch Migration: This software provides the best feature to its users i.e. batch migration, in simple words, multiple source accounts can be migrated to destination accounts simultaneously with this tool. As a result, it saves time and effort of the users which increases the productivity.
  2. Migrate Specific Emails: This application has the facility to prioritize specific migrations, as using the date filter option, one can set the date range as per the requirement. After setting up, the tool will only migrate AOL emails to Office 365 that fall into that category.
  3. Delta Migration Feature: To prevent any duplicates, this tool provides delta migration feature during migration. With this option this tool ensures that only new AOL email will be transferred to a Microsoft 365 account that hasn't been previously migrated.
AOL to Office 365 Migration Tool                     

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Working Steps of the Software

1. Initially, free download this AOL to Office 365 Migration tool on Windows OS. Select IMAP as your source platform and Office 365 as destination platform from the interface.

AOL  to Office 365 Migration Tool

2. Choose the Email categories for migrating and use Date-Filter to filter out selective AOL emails as necessary.


3. Select AOL Mail and enter Server details along with user credentials in the respective fields and validate all the permissions.

AOL Mail user details

4. For the destination account, enter Office 365 details and validate all the necessary permissions.

Office 365 details

5. Lastly, click on Start Migration button to complete the process to migrate AOL to Microsoft 365 account.

Start Migration on Windows OS


AOL users are facing issues related to server down and want to migrate to a better platform. The manual process of this migration is not user friendly. So, we have discussed about the automated solution to migrate AOL to Office 365. The suggested software migrates email data accurately and conveniently without data modification. The tool also allows users to filter email files before migration. If a user wants internet bandwidth and other preferences can also be adjusted.